Commercial Manufacturing

Cutting-edge technology

Norwich employs cutting-edge technologies to satisfy a wide spectrum of project demands, including products that are difficult to manufacture.

Norwich’s commercial production capabilities include:

  • Intermediate potent compounds handling
  • DEA scheduled compounds
  • Solvent processing
  • Dry blending
  • Wet and dry granulation
  • Fluid bed granulation and Wurster coating
  • Tabletting, including bi-layer tabs
  • Encapsulation and capsule banding
  • Tablet coating and printing

Norwich packaging suites are self-contained and include the following capabilities:

  • Solid dose
  • Bottle and blister packaging technology
  • Slat and slatless fillers

White Paper

Solvent considerations in solid dose manufacturing.

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At our Norwich, New York manufacturing headquarters, Norwich successfully meets – and often exceeds – quality and compliance requirements.

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